Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

Amazon is getting very competitive, so every seller wants to get every bit of help they can to make their business succeed. This can be achieved with a good set of tools that make search easier and more simplified.

There are many Amazon seller tools online that can do the job very well. So, picking out the best one can be tricky, especially when they are similar in features and functionality. The right Amazon product research tool or Amazon product finder will help sellers find new categories, set more competitive prices, track products and analyze market data.

You don’t have to do all this on your own struggling with a spreadsheet. Get IO Scout product research tool to find best selling products on Amazon. We have a selection of tools that will help you design and execute a great selling strategy. Let’s dive in and look at them.

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a very popular and widely used Amazon research tool. It helps sellers reduce risks, maximize profits and find opportunities online. The good news is that it is available in both web app and Chrome extension. The web app is very useful when you need to research products, spy on the competition or find profitable new items. The Chrome extension has two versions – Lite and Pro and can be used to verify product ideas and get sales estimates.

IO Scout

IO Scout is another great Amazon product finder software. It doesn’t look for bestseller products, but for the right suppliers to create them. It helps seller find legitimate suppliers and manufacturers worldwide and manage orders and purchases. This is the IO Scout Amazon seller tool that can turn any product idea into reality more the official website.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a bit different Amazon product research software. It is very accurate and reliable and it helps sellers find the keywords that products rank for, determine search volumes and track competing products. The tool is quite powerful and gives sellers the opportunity to research global marketplaces and track product popularity and performance.


The Launch tool is designed to help sellers launch and promote their business. It is quite a useful tool with many different features and functionality. It can be used to increase sales, to minimize negative feedback or to go global in different marketplaces.

Inventory Manager

With the Inventory Manager sellers can automate their inventory planning. This means when they need to restock, how much stock is needed and when it needs to be ordered. The tool is data driven and helps sellers monitor the status of their inventory. The software uses labels to calculate the order amount plus the profits and costs. This tool is a great resource to keep you and your inventory organized and planned.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a popular Amazon product finder that ensures you get high-quality services. It has a lot of features and great functionality. With it sellers can filter products and opportunities, get better estimates, maximize keyword rankings and more.

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Unicorn Smasher

This is an excellent tool for Amazon product research. It allows sellers to easily find products on Amazon in the Chrome browser extension . The Unicorn Smasher also has some powerful features that make it a great choice, these include: accurate sales estimates, research dashboard, sharing tool and more.


This is a great Amazon product research tool which is quite comprehensive. It gives sellers enough data to make informed business decisions, save time, reduce risk and increase sales. Some of its main features include: competition analysis, Google AdWords insights, Sales estimates, analysis of expenses and so much more.


Amasuite is a powerful tool that will help sellers find keywords and products on Amazon that can drive more profits. The software is available for the UK and US Amazon sites and helps sellers extract and analyze the top categories on both marketplaces. The technology is quite fast and reliable and the features include: product analyzer, data exports, search analyzer and all this presented in a user friendly layout and simple interface to work with.


Every successful entrepreneur has their own set of tools that are just right for the tasks that need to be completed. Of course, these tools cannot make you a superstar or get your business to the top, but they definitely give solid and comprehensive information and help you see more opportunities out there.

posted on 25, Tue, 02, 2020
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