Top 3 Benefits that Amazon Brand Registry Offers Registered Brands

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Brand owners that sell products have a full-time responsibility of protecting their brand. While there are many brands that do not feel comfortable selling products on Amazon for fear of having their reputation tarnished, statistics show that over 100,000 brands in the world use Amazon Brand Registry.  

But the truth is, for brands that avoid selling on Amazon because they fear that unscrupulous sellers may ruin their reputation, there is a high chance that someone is already selling their brand. This is why all brands need to protect themselves against counterfeiters and take control of their brand experience by enlisting on the amazon brand registry program. 

What is brand registry on amazon?

Amazon's brand registry is a program that is designed to give brand owners control over the items they sell on the eCommerce site. The program identifies the owners of brands on Amazon and helps them protect their product content and intellectual property on the site. 

Through the program, brand owners can report:

  • Violations of brand policies
  • Listing issues
  • Infringements on intellectual property
  • Technical issues relating to products

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For brand owners, this program is an important component of their brand management process because it enables them to take charge of their product listings. It also enables brand owners to access other marketing programs such as Amazon Storefronts and Enhanced Brand Content.

To register in the program, brand owners must meet amazon brand registry requirements . Though these differ from one country to another, brand owners are generally required to have:

  • Registered trademarks that are active in the country reflected on their packaging or product
  • Amazon account on Vendor Central or Seller Central
  • Be able to verify that they are the actual brand owners through the contacts listed on their trademark registration
  • Trademarks that have image-based marks that have text or text-based marks. Graphical marks alone are not accepted

When submitting an amazon brand registry application, brand owners are required to provide the following:

  • The real registered trademark that completely matches with the brand name that appears on the product and its packaging
  • Images of the packaging and actual product that have the trademarked name
  • Brand logo images
  • Product categories where the brand will be listed
  • Countries where products are distributed and manufactured

Benefits of Registering Brands on Amazon

Brand owners stand to gain when they registry with the Amazon brand registry. Here are some of the top benefits that brands get: 

Product Listing Protection

Brand registry puts brand owners at ease because they don't have to worry about third-party sellers changing their product listings. Though there is still possibility that this could happen, brand owners who register with Amazon would not have to go through the processing of opening cases with Amazon for the issue to be fixed.

With brand registry, brand owners can reduce chances of having to deal with information alteration issues. Instead, registered brands benefit from better ranking of their listings on the site. Further, Amazon protects brand owners as advertisers. Through its brand registry program, the eCommerce site gathers details relating to brands uses them to create predictive protections that check the legitimacy of adverts that feature brand trademarks. 

Expanded Ad Options

Brands that register with Amazon's Brand Registry are able to tap sponsored brand ad formats. These formats allow brands to promote a maximum of three items and boosts brand visibility through the use of brand names and logos. Further, sponsored brand ads are placed on strategic sections of the Amazon site such as at the top part of the search results. This additional advertising opportunity enables brands to run detailed ad campaigns that get fast approval - within 24 hours.

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Brand Representation Control 

Brands that are not registered under the brand registry program risk having resellers control the details of their product pages. This could lead to brand misrepresentation that damages the company image. With brand registry, brand owners have full control of their product pages. Amazon ensures that product listings by registered brands are constantly updated. Also, when buyers view such listings, they see content from the brand - not reseller information.  

Final Word

Selling on Amazon can be risky for brand owners. The marketplace has a huge number of products and resellers - it is virtually impossible to know when a brand has been infringed. Amazon makes it easy for brands to overcome this challenge. Through its brand registry program, the eCommerce site provides a mechanism for brands to protect their intellectual properties and product content. For registered brands, this program offers the control to prevent brand misrepresentation, product listing protection and expanded advertising options to enable them sell more. To tap these benefits, brands must register with the program.

posted on 24, Tue, 03, 2020
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