Amazon Sales Rank – Comprehensive strategies that makes your business boom

Amazon Sales Rank – Comprehensive strategies that makes your business boom

Amazon Sales Rank indicates how product performs when paralleled with other items in its class. Ranking is numerical designation that depicts your items reputation in a specific group. A revenue rank is designated for items that are a inside a group. The high-figure indicates that seller doesn't generate attractive revenue, while a small-figure reveals the item product is performing excellently.

What is Amazon sales ranking?

Amazon sales ranking is an indicator of how excellently your product is selling. You better check the IO Scout product tracker for Amazon its very useful tool. For example, if one vends knickers in the clothing & accessories category, those knickers will be pit against all other clothing and accessory group for that item. This goes to show sellers the valuable and the not so valuable. Ideally, sellers should aim the #1 ranking.

Amazon Sales Rank

What is the difference between Best Seller Rank (BSR) and Amazon Sales Rank (ASR)?

BSR and ASR essentially say same thing. BSR-ASR is known as a very controversial metric in Amazon-scape.

How is Amazon sales rank calculated?

Items found in ASR can range from 1 to over 1 million. Again the lesser the number, the higher the sales margin & vice versa. Add a product and the ranking reduces (increases in number). Once sale is made, the ranking starts to increase (decrease in number)

The key factors that help to boost sales ranking

Optimized product title

prospective buyers often critique an item with the title, caption, or product content penned for an item. Hence being creative and information-savvy by inputting the right keywords is important. Doing this exceptionally well entails 50% of work surmounted. Ensure brand name, item name, and item characteristics are included in the item title.

Offer competitive prices

This helps the merchant win the buy box & help you stay ahead of your competitors. So, always state lower price points than the adversary. For this situation, there are re-pricer programs – algorithms, that alters the cost of items based on the competition.


Critical factor that serves solid foundation but takes the longest time to establish. Social proof on Amazon convinces people to buy your merchandise on Amazon and reviews is one way to keep orders coming.

H2 Top 3 Tools to Detect Sales and Sales Rank

Tools to detect sales and improve Amazon sales rank

  • IO Scout

IO Scout is developed as a straightforward remedy for product hunting, analysis, and monitoring. It comes as a chrome extension. Many users claim that it loads faster than other ranking systems.

  • Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a world-renowned Amazon niche hunter and product research application. It is a great way to source for items from Alibaba or AliExpress and sell through Amazon FBA. Its interface is user friendly, with its developers making it easy to hunt and evaluate products easily.

  • Sonar (by Sellics)

Sonar is an Amazon keyword hunter tool with a data-bank of over 70 million keywords generated from organic search queries by Amazon customers. This Amazon sales ranking tracker comes with a reverse ASIN checker one can utilize to get competitor keywords.

Amazon sales rank: How to enhance it

Its 2020, and things Amazon-wide can move from 100 to 0 in a heartbeat. With these strategies you can skyrocket your Amazon page ranking.

  1. Differentiate yourself from the competition
  2. Create copies to drive traffic to page
  3. Manage your stockpile efficiently
  4. Diversify your keywords
  5. Try influencer marketing
  6. Instagram feeds

Final thoughts

Ranking your products on Amazon is a multi-strategy endeavor. And while there are so many tools and tips available to bolster your brand, you should keep iterating and reiterating them until you find what works.


What is good sales ranking?

An good Amazon sales ranking is one with low figures. Ideal item ranking is #1 and is highest-bought in that category. Item #2 is the second-performing merchandise in the class. The more you sell, the higher your Amazon ranking.

How can someone find their item ranking?

In section that item details are listed, there is an area termed “Amazon’s best seller rank. It displays its position in the category of its listing. If the item has sold zero times, rank will be designated as “none.”

How can someone have higher ranking?

Strategies abound to help get higher rankings: researching high-performing keywords, instagram feed, content optimization, among others.

Meta description: Are you searching for how to strike a good Amazon sales ranking? Check out these ranking calculator tools that can help your business reach a high summit.

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Merchant Words – What You Need to Know

merchant words discount

When you are selling a product on Amazon, you quickly realize that there is too much competition. And yet, people are searching for products just like yours on Amazon every day. One of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage is to figure out what those people are searching for. This is where Merchant Words comes into the mix. Keep on reading this Merchant Words review to find out what it can do for you.

What Is Merchant Words?

Merchant Words is one of the best Amazon keyword tools that helps sellers answer one of the most important questions: what are buyers searching for on Amazon. It provides you with all the monthly search data from billions of Amazon users at your fingertips. Not only does this help you ascertain which keywords can make your product listings rank, but it also allows you to figure out which products are in demand based on the high-volume search queries.

What are the Key Features of Merchant Words?

There are plenty of features that make Merchant Words one of the best Amazon Keyword tools to use. However, there is no practical way to list them all here. So here are the key features of Merchant Words that you need to know.


This feature allows you to create anywhere from 10 to 1,000 keyword lists, depending on the pricing plan. With keyword lists, you can easily keep track of the many keywords that you will discover through Merchant Words.

Classic Search

If you are wondering how to use Merchant Words to discover keywords for your product listings or PPC campaigns, then this feature is what you need to look into. All you have to do is enter the keyword or phrase, and you will be given all the relevant keywords, along with all important metrics at a glance. These metrics include the search volume, depth and dominant categories.

Keyword Multiplier

Once you have found your keyword, the Keyword Multiplier will give you a list of related keywords to make sure that you are not missing anything. These keywords give you an idea of other ways people are searching for products. You can even include misspelled keywords in the list for a more comprehensive search.

Page 1 Products

This feature of Merchant Keywords is what gives you the products that are currently ranking on the first page for a particular keyword. The data you have at your disposal is the name, ASIN, search position, price, number of reviews and star rating of the product. You can also see whether the product has an Amazon’s Choice badge or not.


This feature of Merchant Words is one of the most useful ones when it comes to doing competitor research. It allows you to take the ASIN of a competing product and unlock the keywords your competitors are using to make their product listings and PPC campaigns rank. From there, you can use them in your product listings and PPC campaigns as well to drive more traffic and sales.

Listing Advisor

This is a service by Merchant Words that creates a high-ranking product listing for you. The experts over at Merchant Words get to know your business and product intimately before researching to find unique keywords relevant to your product. From there, they craft you a keyword-optimized listing within 10 business days.

Keyword Advisor

Don’t want to bother with searching for keywords yourself? Why not let Merchant Words do it for. With this service, the experts at Merchant Words search their database and find you 10,000 relevant keywords that you can use for your listings and PPC campaigns. The keyword list is delivered to you within three business days.

How Much Does Merchant Words Cost?

merchantwords free

When you sign up for the annual plan, you get two months free. After the trial period for MerchantWords free is over, you can expect to pay the following prices to continue using it:

  • $29 per month for the Silver plan.
  • $79 per month for the Gold plan.
  • $149 per month for the Platinum plan.

Final Thoughts

As every seller knows, data can play a huge rule when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage in the Amazon marketplace. Billions of users are visiting Amazon every month and almost all of them are using the search bar to find products. But when using Merchants Words, you will have access to all of this data, allowing to make informed decisions when it comes to creating high-ranking product listings and PPC campaigns that convert or finding high-in-demand products.

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Top 3 Benefits that Amazon Brand Registry Offers Registered Brands

Image result for AMAZON brand registry

Brand owners that sell products have a full-time responsibility of protecting their brand. While there are many brands that do not feel comfortable selling products on Amazon for fear of having their reputation tarnished, statistics show that over 100,000 brands in the world use Amazon Brand Registry.  

But the truth is, for brands that avoid selling on Amazon because they fear that unscrupulous sellers may ruin their reputation, there is a high chance that someone is already selling their brand. This is why all brands need to protect themselves against counterfeiters and take control of their brand experience by enlisting on the amazon brand registry program. 

What is brand registry on amazon?

Amazon's brand registry is a program that is designed to give brand owners control over the items they sell on the eCommerce site. The program identifies the owners of brands on Amazon and helps them protect their product content and intellectual property on the site. 

Through the program, brand owners can report:

  • Violations of brand policies
  • Listing issues
  • Infringements on intellectual property
  • Technical issues relating to products

Image result for AMAZON brand registry

For brand owners, this program is an important component of their brand management process because it enables them to take charge of their product listings. It also enables brand owners to access other marketing programs such as Amazon Storefronts and Enhanced Brand Content.

To register in the program, brand owners must meet amazon brand registry requirements . Though these differ from one country to another, brand owners are generally required to have:

  • Registered trademarks that are active in the country reflected on their packaging or product
  • Amazon account on Vendor Central or Seller Central
  • Be able to verify that they are the actual brand owners through the contacts listed on their trademark registration
  • Trademarks that have image-based marks that have text or text-based marks. Graphical marks alone are not accepted

When submitting an amazon brand registry application, brand owners are required to provide the following:

  • The real registered trademark that completely matches with the brand name that appears on the product and its packaging
  • Images of the packaging and actual product that have the trademarked name
  • Brand logo images
  • Product categories where the brand will be listed
  • Countries where products are distributed and manufactured

Benefits of Registering Brands on Amazon

Brand owners stand to gain when they registry with the Amazon brand registry. Here are some of the top benefits that brands get: 

Product Listing Protection

Brand registry puts brand owners at ease because they don't have to worry about third-party sellers changing their product listings. Though there is still possibility that this could happen, brand owners who register with Amazon would not have to go through the processing of opening cases with Amazon for the issue to be fixed.

With brand registry, brand owners can reduce chances of having to deal with information alteration issues. Instead, registered brands benefit from better ranking of their listings on the site. Further, Amazon protects brand owners as advertisers. Through its brand registry program, the eCommerce site gathers details relating to brands uses them to create predictive protections that check the legitimacy of adverts that feature brand trademarks. 

Expanded Ad Options

Brands that register with Amazon's Brand Registry are able to tap sponsored brand ad formats. These formats allow brands to promote a maximum of three items and boosts brand visibility through the use of brand names and logos. Further, sponsored brand ads are placed on strategic sections of the Amazon site such as at the top part of the search results. This additional advertising opportunity enables brands to run detailed ad campaigns that get fast approval - within 24 hours.

Image result for AMAZON brand registry

Brand Representation Control 

Brands that are not registered under the brand registry program risk having resellers control the details of their product pages. This could lead to brand misrepresentation that damages the company image. With brand registry, brand owners have full control of their product pages. Amazon ensures that product listings by registered brands are constantly updated. Also, when buyers view such listings, they see content from the brand - not reseller information.  

Final Word

Selling on Amazon can be risky for brand owners. The marketplace has a huge number of products and resellers - it is virtually impossible to know when a brand has been infringed. Amazon makes it easy for brands to overcome this challenge. Through its brand registry program, the eCommerce site provides a mechanism for brands to protect their intellectual properties and product content. For registered brands, this program offers the control to prevent brand misrepresentation, product listing protection and expanded advertising options to enable them sell more. To tap these benefits, brands must register with the program.

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Is CamelCamelCamel Product Research Tool Worth the Try?

Is CamelCamelCamel Product Research Tool Worth the Try ?

camel camel camel chrome

Getting a good product to sell on Amazon is no longer a problem, given that there are multiple product research tools. Previously most people could have told you to use Jungle Scout, but software developers have tried to make sure there is a tool for everyone. One of the tools in the market today is CamelCamelCamel , which we will review for you today.

CamelCamelCamel Vivid Description?

When it comes to tracking product pricing, CamelCamelCamel is an ideal option. Usually, the tool checks whether the price of the product is rising or dropping on Amazon. The price tracking allows you to make informed decisions about your product listing for more profitable business through excellent and competitive product pricing that allows customers to make informed buying decisions. So how does this work?

As a seller, you may choose to price your product at close to nothing on Amazon. The idea is that people will want something that is cheaper than the same product is pricier. The result is that you sell more and rise in the ranks to become a top seller. At first, you might lose your dollars but in the process you will learn the key skills to identify a product that sells better. Moreover, you will have clear insights on how the product category works and seek a more profitable product through a better future pricing strategy where CamelCamelCamel comes in.

CamelCamelCamel Features

1. Price Alerts

This tool sends you an email alert every time the product price changes. Before, this you need to set thresholds for product price movements to get the alerts.

2. Price History Chart

This feature comes in the form of graphs divided into price categories, namely the high price, average price, and low price. The product price changes on the graphs are always up-to-date. The feature favors even the newest sellers, given they have access to price changes on third party sites.

3. The Camelizer

This tool is a search engine extension available on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. With these extensions, you have access to everything right from the page you on without having to leave an open the tool on a separate page. A simple install is all you need.

4. Price Watch Interface

On clicking this link, the tool generates a clear table with the name of the product, the product image, and a description of the product. The table encapsulates details of when you began tracking the pricing of the product and its most current price.

 The table also offers you filtering options, namely the status of the product, whether the price has been altered, activated, or updated. The price type, whether it is an Amazon price, whether a third party used or a third party new price. Lastly, the table shows the product category and product artist.

CamelCamelCamel Pros and Cons


  1. User-friendly - This tool is not complicated to use. Just by looking at the site, it is easy to know what each feature is meant for use.
  2. Mobile-responsive - As a seller, you can opt for CamelCamelCamel on your phone wherever you are. This tool comes with a CamelCamelCamel app . The app allows for tracking available deals and the prices that have dropped on Amazon.
  3. In-depth price data - The tool offers a lot of price information spanning from the current price to the pricing a year ago to help make informed pricing choices.
  4. Available as an add on - Besides the CamelCamelCamel extension , this tool also has a plugin feature. This feature is quite useful when on the product listing page for analysis purposes.


  1. Does not allow notification Twitter - Previously the Twitter feature on the tool was amazing. Twitter policies prevent the function to send messages from CamelCamelCamel.
  2. Vulnerable to bogus alerts - Amazon contains a lot of product listing which you can focus on. These listings experience mistakes occasionally that can lead to false alerts.
  3. Product sizes and options data are might not be accurate - At times the site may fail to send you notifications because there are several sizes abd options of the product on the listing. The tool may stop sending notification for other product options if you specify options for notifications.

CamelCamelCamel Pricing

This product pricing research tool is free, with no trial periods, all you need is to register, install it as an extension, a plugin, or as an app on your phone.

In a nutshell, finding the right product to sell for the first when on a tight budget can be a challenge. Luckily this CamelCamelCamel review gives a deep understanding of this free tool that can allow you to do much of the product research and start becoming profitable on Amazon.


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3 Tips for Finding What to Sell on Amazon

3 Tips for Finding What to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is #1 online store which many individuals in the globe prefer. According to Google 50% of user in theUS internet users begin searching for an item on Amazon. With more than 12 million best things to sell on Amazon, an individual will surely like to become the best seller and make some money. Upon making a decision to sell on Amazon, one will always try to find the right things to sell on Amazon. As we dive into the tips for finding what to sell on Amazon to make money, let’s just scan the top selling categories and their associated products.

What are the best things to sell on Amazon?

Since the products are arranged in categories, let’s just focus at some of the categories which you may focus on:

1. Books

best things to sell on amazon

It consists of items that are mostly bought by consumers. Check the new IO Scout product finder for Amazon and find the best products to sell. As you are starting to seller on Amazon, books should be you first options because you can buy several with a plan to sell at a profit. More so, you can consider selling new releases which are in demand by the consumers.

2. Clothing

things to sell on amazon

This section is usually over-saturated because it has several sub-categories on its own. Think about official, casual, exercise and sporting clothing. It is necessary to be very creative so that you come up with unique items to sell on Amazon. The items should also be a little cheaper because the best product to sell on Amazon is currently below $17.

3. Electronic Devices

products to sell on amazon

This is a special category in Amazon which offers impressive prices for items. The items that have a high selling probability are Echo Dot and a Fire TV Stick which are both under $50. If you are able to buy such items in bulk, then this is what to sell on Amazon to make money.

4. Toys and Games

best products to sell on amazon

Toys and games normally do well when they are already popular on Amazon or they are available in bulk. A good example is the Play-Doh that has become the top selling product on Amazon for several moments.

What are the best tips for finding the best items to sell on Amazon?

It is very important to know the type of items that can be bought easily on Amazon. This will help you make money easily. You should also research on the shipping cost as well as the Amazon seller fees so that you know the amount you should spend on the item you are planning to sell. Here are the five tips that will help you answer the question of what can you sell on Amazon.

1. Research on Amazon website

In order to make your research effective on Amazon, it is recommended that you start researching on a specific category and then narrow down to the item you are interested in.

Once you have identified the list of best sellers on Amazon, the next step is to check on the “Customer’s also bought” section to see other best products to sell on Amazon.

After you have made your list of best products to sell on Amazon, use the Google Keyword Planner to check the search volume of the items you have chosen. The higher the search volume, the most in-demand the product is. Therefore, focus on selling the items whose volume is high.

2. Utilize chrome extensions

There are 2 best chrome extensions that can help you conduct successful research.

  • Jungle Scout – this will show you the monthly sales volume on particular products, display items with the lowest competition, and gives you an opportunity to save products so that you can track their performance over time.
  • Unicorn Smasher – it is a free extension that helps sellers to gather information on an item such as the estimation of sales per month as well as revenue sales for Amazon items.

3. Identify a product that is not mostly sold

It is easy to identify a gap in the Amazon market if you do a fundamental analysis. Let’s take a case study, when I search ‘jewelry’, I get more than 400, 000 results. However, when I search ‘Indian jewelry’, the results are more than 8, 000.

This is a simple example of finding a gap. Many people might be already selling Jewelry but a few people have ventured into Indian Jewelry. Therefore, you can be the right individual to fill the existing gap.

Final Thought

Making money by selling items on an online platform like Amazon is never a walk in the park. You have to formulate the best strategies that will enable you to win the competitive market share. Put in practice the above tips and you will surely find what to sell on Amazon to make money.


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Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

Amazon is getting very competitive, so every seller wants to get every bit of help they can to make their business succeed. This can be achieved with a good set of tools that make search easier and more simplified.

There are many Amazon seller tools online that can do the job very well. So, picking out the best one can be tricky, especially when they are similar in features and functionality. The right Amazon product research tool or Amazon product finder will help sellers find new categories, set more competitive prices, track products and analyze market data.

You don’t have to do all this on your own struggling with a spreadsheet. Get IO Scout product research tool to find best selling products on Amazon. We have a selection of tools that will help you design and execute a great selling strategy. Let’s dive in and look at them.

amazon product research

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a very popular and widely used Amazon research tool. It helps sellers reduce risks, maximize profits and find opportunities online. The good news is that it is available in both web app and Chrome extension. The web app is very useful when you need to research products, spy on the competition or find profitable new items. The Chrome extension has two versions – Lite and Pro and can be used to verify product ideas and get sales estimates.

IO Scout

IO Scout is another great Amazon product finder software. It doesn’t look for bestseller products, but for the right suppliers to create them. It helps seller find legitimate suppliers and manufacturers worldwide and manage orders and purchases. This is the IO Scout Amazon seller tool that can turn any product idea into reality more the official website.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a bit different Amazon product research software. It is very accurate and reliable and it helps sellers find the keywords that products rank for, determine search volumes and track competing products. The tool is quite powerful and gives sellers the opportunity to research global marketplaces and track product popularity and performance.


The Launch tool is designed to help sellers launch and promote their business. It is quite a useful tool with many different features and functionality. It can be used to increase sales, to minimize negative feedback or to go global in different marketplaces.

Inventory Manager

With the Inventory Manager sellers can automate their inventory planning. This means when they need to restock, how much stock is needed and when it needs to be ordered. The tool is data driven and helps sellers monitor the status of their inventory. The software uses labels to calculate the order amount plus the profits and costs. This tool is a great resource to keep you and your inventory organized and planned.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a popular Amazon product finder that ensures you get high-quality services. It has a lot of features and great functionality. With it sellers can filter products and opportunities, get better estimates, maximize keyword rankings and more.

product research amazon

Unicorn Smasher

This is an excellent tool for Amazon product research. It allows sellers to easily find products on Amazon in the Chrome browser extension . The Unicorn Smasher also has some powerful features that make it a great choice, these include: accurate sales estimates, research dashboard, sharing tool and more.


This is a great Amazon product research tool which is quite comprehensive. It gives sellers enough data to make informed business decisions, save time, reduce risk and increase sales. Some of its main features include: competition analysis, Google AdWords insights, Sales estimates, analysis of expenses and so much more.


Amasuite is a powerful tool that will help sellers find keywords and products on Amazon that can drive more profits. The software is available for the UK and US Amazon sites and helps sellers extract and analyze the top categories on both marketplaces. The technology is quite fast and reliable and the features include: product analyzer, data exports, search analyzer and all this presented in a user friendly layout and simple interface to work with.


Every successful entrepreneur has their own set of tools that are just right for the tasks that need to be completed. Of course, these tools cannot make you a superstar or get your business to the top, but they definitely give solid and comprehensive information and help you see more opportunities out there.

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